Spring Cleaning

March has finally arrived!  Spring Cleaning will soon be upon us.  To avoid a nose-full of crazy chemicals, while you tackle your chore list, I have created 3 simple ‘Habitat at Home’ NATURAL cleaner recipes for you; plus a nice room spray to use at the end. They are all very effective and safe.   
homemade cleaners
To supplement the cleaners, I have also created a new way to keep to that chore list.  A list you cannot escape.  A list you will encounter every time you go to grab the bucket under the sink.  It will be there, staring you in the face, as a helpful reminder until it’s complete!  
I present to you, The Spring Cleaning ‘Bucket List’, complete with your own homemade, safe and natural cleaners: 
spring cleaning
Let’s get started with the recipes. . . 

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How to Make Age Spot Remover & Make-up Remover that Work!

These two homemade beauty treatments are both incredibly easy and effective.  It has been a harsh winter here at our ‘Habitat at Home’, and we long for spring to come. I’ve decided to start indulging my skin in anticipation of warmer days.  So far, I am extremely pleased with the results! 

I began by researching the many different ways one can make these concoctions.  I then took all my favorite attributes, based on efficacy, smell, texture and healing properties; then created my own. I started with the homemade age spot remover and homemade make-up remover, as these are two of the top things that I have been longing for good solutions to.  I will roll out a few more homemade beauty treatments, in the next few days.  Happily tried and tested!! 
 1How to Make Make-up Remover
how to make make-up remover

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Bubble Bath, Face Mask and Body Scrub

This is the third installment of ‘Habitat at Home’ Beauty Treatments. 
Previously, I gave you recipes for
1. Make-up Remover & Age Spot Remover
2. Body Oil, Body Mist & Toner 
Now, it’s Bath Time
1. How to Make a Hydrating Bubble Bath
2. How to Make Cellulite-Fighting Body Scrub
3. How to Make a Plumping Face Mask


1. Milk & Honey Bubble Bath
Homemade bubble bath

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Chickpea Salad

My impatience for summer days to come, has led me to create this bright, summer chickpea salad, using ingredients that can be found in winter. This salad can be a vegan lunch, or side to a protein.  Feta cheese would also go very well.  It can be made quickly and easily in any season.
how to make chickpea salad
How to make chickpea salad.

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Homemade Body Oil, Body Mist and Toner

How to make your own beauty treatments.
This is the second installment of ‘Habitat at Home’ homemade beauty treatments.  I am having such a wonderful time making these!  These are all-natural products, made easily at home, with wonderful results! Today, I have made a ‘Sweet Orange Trio’.
‘The Sweet Orange Trio’ 
1. Lavender and Sweet Orange Body Oil.  
2. Bergamot and Sweet Orange Body Mist.  
3. Tea Tree and Sweet Orange Toner.
Homemade beauty treatments

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