Spring Cleaning

March has finally arrived!  Spring Cleaning will soon be upon us.  To avoid a nose-full of crazy chemicals, while you tackle your chore list, I have created 3 simple ‘Habitat at Home’ NATURAL cleaner recipes for you; plus a nice room spray to use at the end. They are all very effective and safe.   
homemade cleaners
To supplement the cleaners, I have also created a new way to keep to that chore list.  A list you cannot escape.  A list you will encounter every time you go to grab the bucket under the sink.  It will be there, staring you in the face, as a helpful reminder until it’s complete!  
I present to you, The Spring Cleaning ‘Bucket List’, complete with your own homemade, safe and natural cleaners: 
spring cleaning
Let’s get started with the recipes. . . 

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How to Make Age Spot Remover & Make-up Remover that Work!

These two homemade beauty treatments are both incredibly easy and effective.  It has been a harsh winter here at our ‘Habitat at Home’, and we long for spring to come. I’ve decided to start indulging my skin in anticipation of warmer days.  So far, I am extremely pleased with the results! 

I began by researching the many different ways one can make these concoctions.  I then took all my favorite attributes, based on efficacy, smell, texture and healing properties; then created my own. I started with the homemade age spot remover and homemade make-up remover, as these are two of the top things that I have been longing for good solutions to.  I will roll out a few more homemade beauty treatments, in the next few days.  Happily tried and tested!! 
 1How to Make Make-up Remover
how to make make-up remover

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